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Published: May 6, 2020
by Joy Herndon, Director

New Traditions are really an oxymoron, right? (a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction)

Traditions are communications of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. So the thought of starting a tradition is unorthodox… But, they have to start sometime. In an age of technology and a demanding public, Funeral Service is not immune.

Traditions are sometimes a result of a culture change…
***Funerals used to all take place inside the home, now it’s a rare occasion.

Traditions also developed with advancements in technology…
***Cremation is a good example of how technology has changed funeral service.

And sometimes, traditions are formed out of necessity to the current situation...
*** Flowers sent to funerals started before the art of embalming to mask any odors

Whether new traditions are formed from choice, technology or obligation, some will become traditions treasured for generations to come, and some may not. We are honored to offer new services and merchandise to families.

· Video Tributes are created with almost each family we serve. These slideshows capture the life of a loved one thru the years and serve as a family heirloom for years to come.

· Recording Funeral and Memorial Services is another service that technology has allowed us to offer. Weddings have been captured for years. Funerals are also just as important in the life of the family and we are honored to capture this event.

· Who ever thought there would be a Radio Station at the Funeral Home. Our current pandemic has pushed us to think of alternative means of keeping family and friends connected during the funeral. We have installed an FM station in our building and can transmit the chapel speakers and songs to our parking lot.

· Heavy online presence. I remember when funeral homes first started joining social media. Many were reluctant to join, and did not feel comfortable asking the public to “Like” their page. Now it’s expected and how most services are known about. In addition to an active Facebook page, funeral homes are becoming more and more visible thru…  

o Up-to-Date websites

o Informative Blogs

o Radio programs

· Personalized Funeral Processions are becoming popular and convenient. Again, with social distancing being encouraged, many have elected to show their support to the family by lining the procession route. We have altered many routes to bring the procession past a place of employment, place of worship, neighborhoods and other important landmarks. The route has more meaning now; not just transportation from point A to B. We are accomplishing more with a procession then going from service to cemetery.

Who knows how today’s services will continue to evolve. We are open and honored to new suggestions from families. Today, it’s innovative and optional, but in a few years these "new" services may just be tradition.    

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